Welcome! My journey of seeking has led me here. I have decided that now is the time, and this is the place, to begin living.

I was inspired by International Day of Peace, and especially Arun Gandhi, to begin sharing my stories. His grandfather Mahatma Gandhi said “The seven blind men who gave seven different descriptions of the elephant were all right from their respective points of view, and wrong from the point of view of one another, and right and wrong from the point of view of the man who knew the elephant. I very much like this doctrine of the manyness of reality.”

I, too, very much like the idea of the manyness of reality. I am excited to begin writing stories about my reality. I hope to inspire you to share your stories too. I believe that each of us holds an important part of the whole, that we are interconnected and interdependent, and that only together can we create (or realize) heaven on earth.

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  1. Joanne — I am so far behind you on the path and in my own journey. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspirations in your blog. It inspires me to open those doors within myself. As fall approaches I anticipate your return to the desert and hope we will be able to reconnect in person.
    With loving kindness and admiration,

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