Shot through the heart . . .

“Shot through the heart and you’re to blame. You give love a bad name.” Somehow “I” became the one shot, the one to blame, and the one who is wrong – who can’t even “love” properly – “I” ruin it for everyone (give it a bad name).

I, personally, “wrecked” love – me – little ol’ me – had the chance and said no and sent everyone and everything – to hell – eternal damnation – I sinned and I was separated from God and separated everyone and all — it is all my fault.

Now that is quite a story – Pandora – me – evil impatient curious heart-closing – eve eating the apple – ruining paradise for all – Jo.

quite a story.

— the feminine.

Is it just me?

And what about the story? is it “true”? necessary? kind? – revealing the wound – opening it —

is it a wound? or just part of me? is there a way to love, honor, receive its gift? accept, invite its fullness? “heal” — shift perspective

— bless   yes   thank you

join together  walk together

journey together  arm in arm

come, with me, together — we are not handicapped, disabled; we each carry a piece of the whole; and we each, together, brighten the sky each day —

didn’t you know we (all of us, together) make the sun rise?

[and the thrasher calls]