This appeared in my email inbox today:

All of you are allowing through the crack of least resistance. So there are a combination of factors. The degree of desire is a factor. In other words, the amount of pulling power that’s going on is a factor. Someone could really, really, really, want something, and could really, really, really, be disallowing it — but because they want it instensely they get it, but it comes the hard way.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Cincinnati, OH on Saturday, July 15th, 2000 # 214

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

525600 Minutes

I’ve been watching X Factor and there have been some really great moments! I laugh, and cry, and rant . . .

October 4th – it will be a year. It feels kind of like a “birth” day. And it feels right to celebrate it’s anniversary. And I realize I have already planned a wonderful celebration! I will be attending my HEART series class in the afternoon. Then, I’ll come home to begin my Jean Houston “virtual” course “Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose and Destiny.”

I was so interested in signing up for the Jean Houston class but almost didn’t because of the time “conflict” between the two classes. I have gotten used to waiting. I told myself I should wait for the next class. Then I told myself I shouldn’t “settle” and miss the live Tuesday night portion. But I kept the dialogue going, I remained open. On the live Q & A call about the class, many questions I didn’t even know I had were answered. I sent in a question right at the beginning, but they didn’t answer it until the very last, “Will you be offering another class in the future since I have a schedule conflict now.” The moderator said they plan to do one next year, but nothing is set up definitely. Then Jean Houston piped right in, “These are the times, we are the people, the iron is hot, go for it!” It felt like she was speaking directly to me. Yeah but, it costs a lot. What about that? I went and spoke with Duane, and he must have been able to tell how much it meant to me, and he was wholly supportive. I signed up! And it was, and is, and will be “just right.” I am so energized, enthused and also very calm, peaceful and “light.” It feels like some kind of burden has been lifted, the last vestiges of it somehow.

On October 4, a year ago, in the early morning hours, my inner guidance told me I had to seek medical attention for my heart. I listened to that guidance, I acted on it, and it has made all the difference.

Happy Birthday!