I’m taking the HEART series course and we share a heart healthy vegetarian potluck meal each time we meet. It’s wonderful! We get to “break bread” together, try wonderful new recipes and connect with each other.

We are assigned a particular category each week, but it’s pretty “loose.” One week one of the gentlemen was not able to get home to pick up his dish, so he just brought himself. One week I lost my list, and the instructor no longer had a copy so she said just bring something heart healthy and yummy!

I have been a bit concerned about what I could bring this evening because I have an appointment this afternoon which might make it challenging to get there on time, much less worry about what to bring, and keep cool, or keep warm . . .

So, last night, in my dreams, the instructor told me that I needed to bring 5 items for our next potluck. I think it was for some kind of “amend” but I can’t recall that part. I thought she was kidding, but then I realized she was not. When I woke up enough to write something down about it in my journal, I wrote about the new way (a different take on fairness or justice):

  • some bring some,
  • some bring none,
  • and some bring more.

Sounds “just right” to me. Or maybe “just us” (say it aloud, it sounds like justice).