Reconciling with Country Western Music

In her book Listen with the Heart – Sacred Moments in Everyday Life, Joan Chittister says this about music: “If you know what music it is that you can’t bear to hear, you’ll know what memory it is that you haven’t come to peace with yet.”

For me, it was country western music – the music my Dad listened to and the music my Step-Dad listened to. And this insight did help me come to peace with memories of them.

And what a joyous reconciliation with country western music I’ve experienced! I don’t know if you’d call Elvis country western, but apparently my mind put “gospel” music of any type in there too. (Or, hmmmm, maybe that’s another area where I’ve done some peacemaking with my memories.) I’ve already written about Waylon Jennings. And there’s Tammy Wynette too. And somehow Johnny Cash never got wholly ousted but I can enjoy his gospel tunes now too. And Hank Williams, Sr., Jr., and III. Wow. A whole new bright and wondrous arena is re-opened to me! Thank you.

Here’s just a few examples: (Men with Broken Hearts, 3 generations of Hank Williams) (Walk a Mile in My Shoes, Elvis Presley) (I Saw the Light, Hank Williams Sr. (and Jesus)) (Wings of a Dove, Johnny Cash etc)

And, this has nothing to do with country western music but I just loved it today: (That’s What Friends are For, Dionne Warwick and friends)

One thought on “Reconciling with Country Western Music

  1. I found this post interesting on a personal level. I have a strange relationship with country/western music. I rather like some of the newer, what I like to term, pop country, especially the women. But Joe, my husband, is a purist. He loves the old time country music and especially “The Hanks” (my term). Hank Williams, Hank Thompson, Hank Snow…These guys grate on my nerves like fingernails on a chalk board. I think Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn are more listenable.

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