What if it is no longer necessary for the visionaries to be killed?

Isn’t it a beautiful question? Isn’t there so much hope contained within it? What if we have evolved as a species to the point where we don’t need to kill that which we do not understand or that which scares us? What if we are now willing to look at those fears, or whatever fears or seeming inadequacies we have, and dive into them, and discover the great freedom that lies within them? What if we as a species have already developed new ways of allowing? What if it is possible that we humans get to the point where the light pulling us forward is so bright that the darkness that is so much a part of our human condition pales in comparison, and is seen as only a very minor nuisance? What if it isn’t as hard as we think it might be? What if there are so many who are ready, willing, and able – waiting with bated breath – to befriend, and companion, and love us, and all we have to do is ask?

(I am so inspired by Russell Brand on the Rosie Show, and by the Occupy Wall Street people across the country and here in Tucson. And before I push the “publish” button, I ask myself, boldly, “For the love of God, is there any reason I should not publish this!?” And the answer I get is clear.)