You may say I’m a dreamer . . .

I’m taking Jean Houston’s class, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, and as we prepared for the class to begin, they asked us to think about the wildest dream we could imagine coming to pass by the end of the 7-week course, November 18. Well, I wrote it down, and the next day, before the class even began, my wildest dream request was answered. I remembered Oprah telling someone who had their dreams come true, “You need to dream bigger.” So, in the early morning hours of October 5, these “bigger” dreams came to me and I recorded them as best I could:

dream bigger: a world that “works” for all (all are lifted up in their “own” way that works best for them – we want it for our brother or sister just as much as we want it for ourselves, and all of creation is our relation) – all means all – there are many paths, all are honored, revered, supported – just the beginnings of community and relationship – many actually experience “the rapture” or “the shift” or “the awakening” and they do not leave, disappear, but stay, remain, and share it with all – it ripples out and out and out (reconciliation – the doorway to heaven) Jean talks about the butterfly and the imaginal cells and the mush. I have a vision of “holding hands in prison.” I think we must all enter the cocoon together and there are many of us here who will invite others to join us. (This all seems quite odd to me.) Avatar movie: “I see you.”

dream bigger: something entirely new crystalline, radiant, brilliant, shining – all of creation living its’ “Highest Purpose” – together – a shared vision (heaven) We can imagine it! And some are living it, holding the space, the energy, already, but they cannot do it alone. It requires us all. This is more “hidden” – “elite” in a way (“just” placeholders). The bulk of the “work” (heavy lifting) really needs to be done by all of us waiting together by the door. But the heavy lifting becomes lighter and lighter and easier and easier as the trailblazers clear the brush, make the way for others. Welcome, invite them. Lift them up – it’s not too hard!

dream bigger: and this “earth” becomes/is very “attractive” and there are co-creative joinings with different aspects, levels, realms, places . . . (there will need to be new words, or language or symbols or methods of “communication” – “beyond” that, like the taming of fire, the wheel, the advent of language for humans, the industrial revolution, social networks . . .) (beyond heaven, an even more intimate rendezvous with God than we can even imagine now.) We can even imagine this, some even are beginning – some pioneers (scientists keep coming to mind). Buzz Lightyear – “to infinity and beyond!”

“you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day we’ll join up, and the world will live as one. . .”