Soulful Women Midwife Ritual

I approach the Temple. The guardian at the door speaks to me and I release my clothing and my “body” at the threshold. I am a being of light. And I take my place among the other women there and notice that it doesn’t matter at all to them that I am “different” (a light being). They simply welcome me as one of their own.

We sink our roots into the 3-D earth, and raise our branches to the great cosmic blackness, the mother womb. It is there that we meet the Weaver Dreamer, in her spiderweb-like magenta robes. And she offers each of us our own unique thread. (I notice that this thread now “clothes” and “embodies” me. ) My thread is fullness, wholeness, all of me, a creative gift. Her message to me is a song, “we are the weavers, we are the web, we are the flow, and we are the ebb.” And another song, “dream weaver . . .” And it becomes clear to me, I am a Weaver. (of dreams)

And as we return to the earth plane, there is another guardian, the midwife, and she asks what I want to manifest here (birth) and I tell her: offering myself – giving! And she asks me if there is any resistance. She wholly supports and encourages me as we breath and moan through the “labor pains,” releasing, letting go. It is my heart where I hold the most resistance. And she encourages me and holds my hands and finally I know! My body knows what to do. I put my hands on my thighs and I just listen and go with my body – it knows! it knows!

And then she hugs me tightly from behind and we both hold my heart very tightly, and the message is: “trust” – YES! yes – trust! I love and trust and honor my body. I fill the hole left from releasing with this new truth, trust.

And then a soul agreement rises from my belly: I stand in my power.

And I stand, and act out, dance “my” song:

[With my arms raised to heaven]
Here I stand brave and strong,
guided by my own heart song.
My heart sings of love,
My heart sings of joy,
My heart sings of righting (writing) wrongs,
My heart sings a beauty song.

[With my hands cuddling my heart, and I put on my prayer shawl like a hug, and I rock back and forth]
I am the cow, gentle and
bringing great gifts for man.

[Dancing all around]
I am the moon, constant yet
every changing, strong and bright.

And I “raise my hand” and I tell the whole group. And I sing them the first verse and chorus. And I am shaky now, just like after Matt was born.