A Beautiful New Story (from God)

If the way is already clear, you do not need to wait for clarity. (According to the wisdom of Joy D, PS Entree.)

She got up several times during the night to write. It was heavenly – abundance, so much! Then, she awoke with her mind telling her: It is “too much.” She asked, “How can I “manage” it, choose, bring it to fruition?” The answer came right away, “Day-by-day, step-by-step (literally – go for a walk), a process of unfolding (not a product).”

So, shortly after sunrise, she got up and went for a walk. Usually she starts her walk downhill. Today she felt she was ready to go uphill. She had more “capacity.” As she walked into the sun, she sang:

morning sun, morning sun, come my way, come my way, come my way, come my way, take my pain, take my pain, take my pain, take my pain, down below, down below, down below, down below, healing waters down below.

Then she met a friend who was walking her dogs. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect and “reconcile.” It was an opportunity to release her own judgment. It is so easy for her to jump into negative judgments about just about anyone, especially herself. But, she is learning new ways, and she is so grateful to god for that, and one of those ways is the way of reconciliation.

She continued on her walk around the block, so in touch, connected, with everything. Then she started to become a bit concerned, “What if it goes away?” The first answer she heard was quite soothing, and sensible: “What if it does? You will still have many tools and insights and much will have been gained. It will be okay.” She thought this might be a good question to write about in her journal. Then, a new question came too, “What if it doesn’t go away?”

When she arrived home she made a delightful cup of chai tea, and sat down by the window to write in her journal. This is what they wrote:

What if it goes away? What if it doesn’t?

gifts are meant to be released, shared, enjoyed

I want, love this gift – how can I give it away?! Free it! Liberate it!

ask and it is given

who will ask?

can I offer, invite?

of course! who wouldn’t want to be invited to a party!

celebrate good times – come on – it’s a celebration!

Invited to a party – huh – like Abraham, like Dr. Sue Morter, like Here II Here. Get up everybody & sing!

“There’s a party going on . . . a celebration to last throughout the year . . . party with you.

we oui whee – WOW

of course!

I need not do the “hardest” thing always! It is possible to ___________ what ____? live in joy? for how long (yeah but . . .)?

So many doubts and insecurities – can I have more confidence please – confidence to allow the easier path too – as an option, at least!? please, please, pretty please!?

the “hard” path – it definitely “works” & it is possible to integrate into a life of great “suffering” – it is slower, denser, more stuck in time (it is good, fine, okay, too – just like every path!) “suffer as long as it makes you happy” works for some, &/or at some times in life

grief, e.g. – it can be short, long . . .

loss “

the “easy” path – to someone so used to the hard path – it seems too easy, can’t be this easy – hard to “trust” it – light, free, out of time – “now” – letting go – just living

each “chooses” their own “just right” unique combination.

Our culture mostly reveres the hard (difficult) path but we can learn, change, grow too – we have many teachers!

Eastern, Indigenous, New Age, Physics, Science, Technology – connection

& sometimes a person has to become very weary & worn down on the hard path before they can “see” (allow – let go – make room for) another way.

& sometimes, maybe a being is born and stays mostly on the easy path & lights (shows) the way for everyone else – (adversity did not break them)

Oprah, Mattie Stepanek, Dalai Lama

despite the huge obstacles placed in their path – the “temptations” to choose another path – they know, believe, have faith in the easy path, and do not waver, cannot be moved.

& now, in our “smaller” world, we can see that Jesus walks the earth among us still & we can be personally inspired by the living breathing Buddha Jesus Krishna on our TV!

– thank you for this beautiful story –

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