Strange Evidence of Unity & Interconnectedness

The thrasher often calls in my neighborhood – wheet-wheet, wheet-wheet. So I decided to learn more about it. It turns out that it is endangered due to loss of habitat. Buffelgrass, introduced to America in the 1930’s, has become a highly invasive species that threatens the future of the thrasher.

And it made me think about us humans. We are endangered due to loss of habitat. But we are also the invasive species. Interesting, isn’t it?

And I’m not arguing for Armageddon. Remember the movie, where those whacky drilling guys went out into space and changed the course of the meteorite so it wouldn’t destroy us! I’m coming to see that there are lots of “whacky drilling guys,” and folks from every walk of life and place on earth doing their part to change our course. Thank you all!