If I wrote a book, maybe a memoir, I would like to call it Brilliance. Of course somebody else has already done it. (It’s so easy to search Amazon and find out.) But they haven’t written about my kind of brilliance, so it would be okay.

I’m an A+ kind of a gal. Stanine 9. 95% on LSAT. You know the kind. Some people used to call us intelligent (now they know better – there are many kinds of intelligence). But I would never have called myself brilliant, especially after attending Stanford Law School and finding that my kind of smarts was pretty run of the mill and lackluster.

Most people know somebody like me. We can be kind of obnoxious at times. My husband, who I love dearly, very kindly and generously calls it “intense.”  And I think we’re a little crazy too. There’s just too much stuff going on in that head of ours. It makes us crazy!

I could have saved a lot of time, and pain, if I had just listened to Roadrunner. Animal-Speak says its keynote is “mental speed and agility,” (check), it lives in cactus and mesquite areas (check), and eats grasshoppers in large quantities (check). Let me digress a moment regarding grasshopper. I saw one the other day and just stopped and said, without thinking, “hello master.” It seemed like I was addressing my teacher. A bit surprising to say the least, so I decided to look up grasshopper. Grasshopper’s keynote is “uncanny leaps forward” and its message is “trust your inner voice.” (check, check, check!) Back to roadrunner. Wait until you hear this part, “The road runner is actually a ground-dwelling cuckoo.” (Some of you knew that!) “Mentally, you will find it necessary and easier to stop, shift, and then run in another direction if necessary.” Pause, go slow jo, slow down, listen, and Freeze Frame (from Heartmath) are the messages I have been getting for a long time. Thank God for a journal! This works! And I love the conclusion: “Individuals with the road runner as a totem are always thinking. It is sometimes hard to follow their train of thought, but if it can be slowed down, they can show you connections and stimulate ideas you had not thought possible. Their minds are always at work.”

Now that I have more fully allowed love into my life, it seems that my mind is just going faster and faster. There are so many creative wonderful and loving thoughts and connections in my head that I now have no option but to just stop and let them go. Give them to the Divine Mind, “Here, you figure it out and get back to me. You are so freaking creative, I know it will be awesome!”

And today, I see that the connections in my mind are just like the connections everywhere. And they are all Brilliant! Sparkling! And I want to connect consciously with everyone and everything. I have always been seen as impatient and it is true! I am so impatient! I want it all and I want it now! (Those of you who know me are laughing and saying, “What’s new?” And I can just see Wally shaking his head when he told me, incredulously, many years ago, “you want to change the world!”)

Brilliance, yes. That’s what I want to be. Thank you God.

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  1. Great post! I love it … ah … the agile mind … it is a bit overwhelming … from the Power Deck the past five days I have drawn the same card each day “Virtue” to sit and go slowly, be patient … with so many ideas and Brilliance it is hard … thank you!

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