My Prayer

An Affirmative Prayer for Joanne’s Blog
What do you want? I would like this blog to be divinely inspired.
Are you ready to receive? (RURTR?) “Where you lead, I will follow . . .” is the song that I hear. In other words, yes.
R – Recognition
I hear a Jami Lula song, “God you are so beautiful . . . I owe everything, I am to you.”
U – Unification
“We are family, I got all my sisters with me. Get up everybody and sing!”
R – Realization
Another Jami Lula song, “There is nowhere that God is not. Everywhere I am I know what I got.”
T – Thanksgiving
It seems like a uniquely American holiday. The people fed us, welcomed us, we joined together in communion, to celebrate our connection. I am so grateful for Thanksgiving! Oh heavenly father, let us give thanks for what we are about to receive . . . aka Grace.
R – Release
And so it is.
Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God. This or something better. Amen. The closing to a Ricky Byars Beckwith song, “May our joy be so triumphant that we rest in God and say ‘Amen.'”