There are Many Paths (9/21/2011)

There is a place we all seek and there are many paths to get there. On my journey I have taken three paths: the path of truth, the path of despair, and the path of love.

The path of truth may have begun with my love of Perry Mason. It took me many wonderful places, including Stanford Law School and allowed me to go inside the bar (court) and inside the bars (prison).

The path of despair (fear) was perhaps given to me, by my ancestors. I seem to have always known it. It led me to many terrifying places but also to a 12 step program and to other people and places who helped to ease my pain.

The path of love is probably part of my DNA, who I am. This path led me to Jesus, to the altar, to being a mother, to self love and to ecstatic encounters with all of creation.

So, would you like to know what is at the end of each path?

The path of truth ends in a place of not knowing.
The path of despair ends in a place of surrender, of giving up, of letting go.
The path of love ends in a place where the only thing left to do is give – everything.

And so, I just settle in, make my home here, and begin living.