The Black Butterfly (9/22/2011)

My mind is so happy with this new “issue spotting” activity that begins my journaling. And it is very good. We can just take all these issues and let them go, release them. It is really the only practical way. There is too much for us to figure out on our own. And it is too painful to try. Ah yes, just like the hungry hungry caterpillar, the mind is so hungry for thoughts, ideas, issues, voraciously hungry. And finally, when it is full, it just wraps itself up and dissolves into a new story.

In my dreams I saw a dog hunting feverishly in a dark maze. And I recognized the scene and knew the prey. As International Peace Day ended, in those early morning hours when everything is clear, I looked deeply at myself and saw that I am wounded, vulnerable (scared) and violent (actually and passively). I am Osama Bin Laden. And the thrasher calls at this realization – yoo hoo, you who. And the heralds sound, ALL HAIL THE KING! Huh? Uh-oh, giggle, the king is naked! Of course, the naked truth – it takes an innocent (vulnerable) child to say it. And we killed Osama Bin Laden. President Obama killed him (we demanded it!)

And just then, a black butterfly appears. It flits by, returns, flits up closer to me, and then leaves. A Black Butterfly. So this is the magical conversion you have offered me (I am so weary of the term “transformation”). My friends have returned – all my relations. Thank you. And Shayla, the young Native American girl who I visited with so many years ago at Black Tail Ranch, Montana, comes to me too. This is what I agreed to, isn’t it? Sharing (translating) your stories. I agreed to do that. Now I know what it meant. The way to share your stories is by living them. Living them. Living them. Living them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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  1. Interesting….’release’ must be the universal conscious b/c I just saw a ‘work related’ video telling you to replace ‘losing’ weight with ‘releasing’ weight. keep on blogging-g

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