Woodpeckers, Whales, and Elephants – oh my

“Oh what a night.” Instead of awakening through the night with mean thoughts and judgments, nice memories or thoughts came to mind, effortlessly. I really can choose a different way. Thank you God.

And then I got up and went to check my email, hoping for some word on all the emails I sent and posts I created yesterday. And there was still nothing. (Except for my Uncle Carl, bless his heart – really.) And my inner voice gently told me that this was fine, and this was good. I was free now to express myself. Self-expression, yes. That’s it.

I had left a link open yesterday afternoon so that today I could listen to samples of chakra soul songs (http://www.healingwiththemasters.com/) by Jennifer McLean. As I played the first chakra sample, I did feel the energy. Then I heard a woodpecker begin drumming away, then it moved to a new spot, then another, it just began pecking all around the house – to me it seemed to want to get in – it was attracted by the music. I had to go open the blinds and stare at it for a few seconds before it quit pounding on the house and flew away.

I was already planning to look up information about whales in my Animal-Speak and Medicine Cards books because that energy had been catching my attention. So, I decided to look up woodpecker too. Maybe it was telling me to buy the chakra healing music. The last line in Animal-Speak was the answer to my prayers and such a gift: It is now safe to follow your own rhythms.

Then I looked up whale in Medicine Cards. Wow. I won’t repeat it all here but it was very self affirming. For example, “Many Whale medicine people are able to tap into the universal mind of Great Spirit, and have no idea how or why they know what they know.” It also suggests I find my “own unique cry or call.” My first idea is to sing “Joy” kind of like om. I already know the note because a while back I made a little song using the letters from my name – Joy lOve Awe woNder uNity and peacE.

And elephants! http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=2549 Here’s the link for the KarmaTube video called Elephants Never Forget. You have to watch it to understand. I cried. Especially when Solomon, Shirley’s trainer, talked about being the one who was able to take the chain off her ankle and set her free. And then again when I got to see Shirley and her old friend Jenny back together after 25 years.

I too am set free and I too have reunited with my old friends – all my relations. And I am Joy. And it is now safe for me to tell you.